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The romance between Brian and the piano began early, it has been a burning desire, an insatiable passion to master the instrument. Brianโ€™s early years were spent in Kanpur in a family steeped in music and tradition. He plays from sheer instinct. Incredibly, despite his parentโ€™s insistence, he has had no formal training in music. As Brian grew up, the world of music, became the Goddess that he must relentlessly pursue. His tryst with the piano has got Brian fame and accolades from audiences in India and abroad. His genius has arrested the attention of the connoisseur as well as the uninitiated.

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Trusted by 5000+ Students
Trusted by 5000+ Students

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The music that Brian plays is not only soulful but also very close to our hearts. The old Hindi songs with their compositions by the geniuses of yesteryears and lyrics are beyond words. His music is an ode to them. Romance, philosophy, joy or sadness, teasing and cajoling the music encompasses all the aspects. How Brian captures the essence of all is excellent. And if the maestro wants to share his genius I think we are blessed to have this opportunity!

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